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Snow Film Company

Кинокомпания Снега


The SNOW film company was founded in 2003. The main activity of the company is the production of feature, animation and documentary films. During this time, the company has shot more than 90 animated and documentary films, 3 feature films, and all of them have become participants and winners of many international and domestic film festivals. More than 160 awards awarded to the films of the film company serve as an assessment of the quality of the released products. Gradually, thanks to the high artistic level of works and successful participation in national and international film festivals, the SNOW Film Company has gained a strong reputation in our country and fame abroad. Movies in "SNOWS" are shot by both recognized masters and debutants. Young talented filmmakers strive to move into the category of masters as quickly as possible. In "SNOWS" they rely on young people, "nurse" them, and raise a new generation of filmmakers. Young people are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of high creative tension. The very fact that recognized masters participate in the same project together with beginners sets the bar for dedication of young people to the limit of their capabilities. This is the only way to create something real.


Russian Federation