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Paul Thiltges Distributions (PTD)


‍ Paul Thiltges Distributions (PTD) is a Luxembourg based film production and world sales company founded in 1993 by Paul Thiltges and jointly run with Adrien Chef. Collaborating with a large range of international partners, the PTD team has built up a considerable network, allowing it to initiate projects or participate in ventures on a worldwide scale as producer, co-producer or sales agent.The companyʼs film catalogue reflects the diversity of its professional network by including socially impactful documentaries and fiction such as works by Michael Glawogger, Hicham Lasri or Ari Folman, while simultaneously working on fiction film projects with Frederic Jardin or Sylvie Testud. PTD also commits to animated fiction aimed at children, co-producing stories such as "Kirikou & the Sorceress" by Michel Ocelot or "The Blue Arrow" and "A Greyhound of a Girl" by Enzo DʼAlò. These projects have, amongst others, earned Paul Thiltges Distributions numerous nominations and awards at prestigious film festivals around the world such as Locarno, Cannes, San Francisco or Annecy, strengthening its reputation in the international film industry. Paul Thiltges Distributions was awarded the Golden Bear at the Berlinale 2021 for Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn by Radu Jude.