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Fiction Park

Fiction Park


Maria Tsigka and Markus Halberschmidt founded FICTION PARK, believing entertainment is not a bad word, and trusting storytelling’s power to heal and inspire. That is the driving force behind FICTION PARK’s slate. Our projects aim to attract and move international audiences. Talent has no country of origin, and FICTION PARK reaches out to writers, and directors from around the globe, aspiring to provide an ecosystem for them. The line-up includes projects like the feature films CUCKOO (mystery-thriller/horror) by Tilman Singer – World Premiere Berlinale 2024 and THE MAN FROM ROME (suspense drama) by Jaap van Heusden. Also BEHIND THE HAYSTACKS (drama, crime) debut by Asimina Proedrou, recently preselected for the European Film Awards 2023 and the official Greek entry for the Academy Awards 2024. Regardless the genre, what unites their company’s line-up is stories of enduring value. FICTION PARK is a playground for passion and vision in storytelling.