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Solis Animation

Solis Animation


SOLIS ANIMATION is an independently-owned studio based in Toronto. Solis specializes in 2D design and animation for film, television, SVOD, advertising and digital media. Since 2010, the studio has provided directing and visual services on a wide selection of works. Notable projects include Comedy Central's 'Ugly Americans' and 'Moonbeam City', Gord Downie's 'The Secret Path' for CBC, and 'Gary And His Demons' for VRV. Solis animated the series, 'Zimmer Twins', which received an International Interactive Emmy Award in 2007. The studio designed and animated the 8-bit sequence for the 2012 Much Music Video Award winning video, 'Big Wheels', by Toronto band, Down With Webster. Solis also animated the video for 'Dark Days' by Toronto band, Pup, which was nominated for Best Post Production at the Much Music Video Awards and Video of the Year at the Juno Awards in 2016.