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Blue Spirit Studios

Blue Spirit Studios


Blue Spirit is a Premium Animation Studio and Producer since 2004, based in France and Canada (Angoulême, Paris and Montreal). Blue Spirit Studios have experienced similarly strong growth with the manufacture of in-house productions, series helmed by French producers (Gigantosaurus, Samsam Season 3, Ernest & Célestine, Runes…), but also thanks to the executive production of ambitious international series such as Gremlins (Warner) and What if (Marvel). The studios employ over 300 people. The production structure, headed by Sylvie Mahé, has developed and produced 80 hours of programs, winning the “PROCIREP French Television Producer” and Producer of the Year award in 2017 at Cartoon Movie and the “Film Français” Animation Award in 2022 . Notable productions include the Oscar-nominated My Life as a Zucchini, winner of the César Award for Best Animated Film, and the sequel to the cult series The Mysterious Cities of Gold (3 seasons).


Canada, France