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CMC Pictures

CMC Pictures



CMC Pictures is the sole film platform of CMC Inc., engaged in the development, production, marketing, promotion, domestic and international distribution of live-action and animation films. Our partners range from top domestic filmmakers to major Hollywood studios, world-class producers and directors around the globe. We are committed to providing the market with local and international films par excellence to meet the needs of the film market in mainland China and around the globe. We have led and partaken in the production of: The Meg, The Sacrifice, Summer Detective, Nice View, The Adventurers, Red Amnesia, Fleet of Time, etc. The future line-up includes Meg 2: The Trench, Three Old Boys, The Storm, Unspoken, The Gift, Journey to the West, Papa and more. The company’s distribution and marketing network covers 281 cities in 103 countries and regions on 5 continents and has successfully distributed more than 60 top Chinese films outside of China, including The Wandering Earth, Wolf Warriors 2, Ne Zha, My People, My Country, A Writer’s Odyssey, Cliff Walkers and The Battle at Lake Changjin Iⅈ etc. CMC Pictures is one of the largest and the most influential film companies in China and the most prominent and leading overseas distribution platform for Chinese-language films in the world.