The Philip K. Dick Science Fiction and Supernatural Festival

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To promote visionary sci-fi, the kind you see in the works of Philip K Dick, Ray Bradbury, Heinlein, Ursula Le Guin, Jorge Luis Borges, Sam Delany, or the cinematic visions of Stanley Kubrick, Darren Aranofsky, Ridley Scott and other great directors We are looking for dark, moody, strange, cerebral, off the beaten path independent sci-fi one that provokes and engages our sense of awe and curiosity. Other themes include magical realism, cult, strange, the supernatural and the eerie. We look at visionary experiences, psychedelic breakthroughs, DMT, explore Terence Mckenna, William Boroughs, and J.G. Ballard. This is about pushing the realm of science fiction to all whole new reality. We look at films that push the cinematic form to new levels of expression. Experimental ...great.. avant guard great...Lets reinvent the sci -fi genre. In a nutshell we are looking for good sci fi films with good stories. 2. To promote the role of science in the culture through our Science in Action documentary category. Biopics, reenactments, are all welcomed in our documentary section. Nanotech, Biotech, Singularity projects, all themes that restore our sense of wonder. 3 To reach out to communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in science fiction, African American, Latino. Asian and other people of color. We look for original voices and visions in works submitted. Lastly, this is a festival by filmmakers for filmmakers. If you feel like an outsider in the world, you will fit right in in our festival.


United States (USA)


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