The Psychedelic and Film and Music Festival

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The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival is an exploration of altered states of consciousness achieved thru psychedelics, film, music, art, virtual reality, and other mediums. The mission of the festival is to expand our notions of reality, the medium is up to you. This can be accomplished via psychotropics, meditation, holotropic breathing, to extreme practices. We accept films short and features that cover the nonordinary reality experience /altered states of consciousness. As they say, all roads lead to the One, so we are open to all kinds of psychedelic films and music The films should come from all niches drama, surrealism, sci-fi, horror, experimental, fantastic, bizarre, shamanism, psychic archeology..etc We are looking for cutting-edge documentaries on DMT Ayahuasca and other mind-altering substances. Their history, the clinical evidence. and so on. These documentaries can cover the full range of anomalous research from psychedelics to yogaWe are looking for live music events bands, trance work, virtual reality installations that create the psychedelic experience and transpersonal reality. Note: This year we will be holding a live event May 15- May 16. Those who submit by the April 18 deadline will be considered as well.


United States (USA)


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