The Revere International "Student" Festival

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel and get a FREE one-year digital subscription to Videomaker Magazine! Simply visit our channel, and send an email to, tell us that you subscribed, and we'll return your message with full instructions and your coupon code to redeem your FREE subscription! The channel can be found at ****ADDITIONAL SUBMISSION FORM REQUIRED**** PLEASE VISIT TO SUBMIT THE FORM IN ADDITION TO UPLOADING YOUR FILM HERE ON FilmFreeway! Once you're on the Revere Festival page click on "Call for Entries," and then on "Submit Your Film." At the bottom of the page is a "Submission Form" can be filed out and submitted via the website. IN ORDER FOR YOUR FILM TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SELECTION TO THE FESTIVAL BE SURE TO VISIT AND FILL OUT AND SUBMIT THE SUBMISSION FORM! SEVERAL FILMMAKERS FAILED TO FOLLOW THIS REQUIREMENT LAST SEASON. ***COVID-19 and The Revere International Film Festival.*** The Revere International "Student" Film Festival will resume regular theater screenings as soon as universities and theaters deem it safe to do so. Until we are able to resume theater screenings we will hold online-screenings on our Youtube channel at, and will soon hold outdoor and drive-in screenings. Please thoroughly read the Official Rules as well. “This is in addition to submitting your project through FilmFreeway. You must be a registered student, or recent graduate from an accredited college/university in order to qualify to participate in the festival. (High school students are encouraged to submit their work for special screenings, but will not be included in the competition. If you are a high school student please message us through the "Contact Us" page at to let us know that you have made a submission.) The Revere International Student Film Festival (TRIFF) is proud to announce its 5th international student film festival. (If you decide to make an entry BE SURE to visit "" and complete the "Submission Form!" Consideration to screen your film will be delayed without it.) The all-new “Perpetual Road-Show” festival has been created as an opportunity for student filmmakers from around the world to showcase their work and as an opportunity to experience the work of their real-world competition. The goal is to educate, explore, interact, and entertain! By "Perpetual Road-Show" we mean that we will screen (once theaters reopen) during the fall and spring semesters at or near various universities across the U.S., and will culminate into a 3 day festival during the summer in Austin, Texas. Selected entries will not be announced all at one time. Since we have had to transition the way we screen due to COVID-19, we are sifting through entries differently than we would during in-theater only screenings. This is because at this point we are able to program hundreds of more films into screenings, unlike only 20 or so into in-theater screenings. So, if you receive emails regarding special events, challenges, or contest, you are 100% eligible to participate even if you have not received a "Official Selection" notice. Please do not hesitate if you have any questions, or need any clarification.


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