The Soho London Independent Film Festival

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This unique new British Festival explores the future of purposeful film production and celebrates UK and Global filmmaking talent and creativity. We are based in the heart of Soho in London and are all filmmakers ourselves. Our vision is to bring communities and filmmakers together to create films that have a social impact and facilitate change. To empower people who have had their voices taken. By working with filmmakers and communities we can give people the opportunity to express and articulate their fears, hopes and aspirations. We are developing this to reach right out to the regional areas who are so often forgotten but too deserve to be heard. We want to support filmmakers through workshops and practical help leading to eventually having a film fund. Also for films that don't make it into the festival but that we see as having potential we will have umbrella screenings where the filmmakers can have their film screened and get advice and support from experienced and more established filmmakers so that we can nurture new talent from all backgrounds. The London Soho Independent Film Festival presents an opportunity to be visionary and optimistic about the future of the arts and the role Television and Film can have in entertaining the public, challenging a culture of complacency and apathy that is damaging us and our planet. We want to provide a forum that entertains, promotes the industry and helps in the shaping of public dialogue about the most important issues humanity faces in the next 50 years. Ideally people will act when they see a film that enters our festival. The days of passive consumption at the expense of people, the planet and communities we live in have to be over because the human race cannot sustain itself for much longer. The exciting opportunity now lies in filmmakers abilities to explore what people love about life, their communities, country and planet. The things that we can all build on with joy and optimism. Equally filmmakers can explore the issues that people are worried, angry, sad or frustrated about and visions that offer solutions. We want to encourage viewers to change and transform as individuals, local community and wider society. Think of the pebble in the pond and the ripples that go out! Our festival is unique in that we want to actively encourage artists to listen in the communities they write about, actively engage the community(s) in the creation of the film and aim to leave a lasting and positive legacy in that community. We will also link our work to Global Social and Environmental Impact Investors to develop opportunities to fund creative content, training opportunities and studio infrastructure. The festival will run over 3 days with 3 screenings a day of 5 films. We will have social events each night for our filmmakers in vibrant Soho ending with an award night where we can all let our hair down together!


United Kingdom (UK)


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