The Unforeseen - International Experimental Film Festival

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3rd International festival of short experimental, analog cinema and Live OST – The Unforeseen 16-17. November 2018. Center for cultural decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade Awards : GRAND PRIX goes to (ex-aequo) : Sylvia Schedelbauer for her film "Wishing Well" "Flickering is used to reveal a parallel film dimension, which unpacks a world inside the world through an immersive audiovisual experience. This eco-parable fully captivates our sensory and sensual instincts while uncovering dark tales of the human destruction of nature." Michael Fleming for his film "Never Never Land" "Sharp visual comment and critique on/of the modern (or eternal) obsession with physical beauty and ME-galomania. Rapid-fire montage of disturbing erotica and footage of surgical interventions which puts the idea of aesthetic operations in the "f...nasty" folder, Visually opressive and abrasive, but utterly memorable. " SPECIAL MENTION AWARD goes to : Atoosa Pour Hosseini for her film "Antler" "A film of subtle poetics and expressive aesthetics achieved through the hypnotizing intertwining of archive and authorial footage, "Antler" erases the boundaries between fiction and documentary, introducing the viewer to a mysterious and, to a certain degree, fairy-tale-ish world of oneiric athmosphere. Formally seductive, and challenging to decipher, this "ecological fantasy" (for the lack of a more precise definition) transforms a botanical garden into a laboratory of evocative images and sounds, in a process that could be identified as alchemy." AUDIENCE AWARD goes to : Joshua Dean Tuthill for his film "Black Dog" "A surreal account of cold war dynamics and space explorations is interwoven with a tale of two brothers and dysfunctional family in their own private cold war - gone mad story. Confusion, insanity and ominous malevolence soon take over- devil had the last say-so in this one." Congratulations to the awarded movies!




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