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BEFORE STARTING YOUR TIFF WRITERS' STUDIO APPLICATION, REVIEW THE CHECKLIST BELOW: 1. You meet the eligibility requirements for TIFF Writers' Studio and agree to provide all the required submission materials. 2. You have created a new project under the “My Projects” section of your profile for this specific programme application. The project is titled “FIRST AND LAST NAME – TIFF WRITERS' STUDIO – 2022” and is a Film / Video project type. ● NOTE: After saving your new project, return to the TIFF Writers' Studio FilmFreeway event page to fill out the application. 3. You have uploaded the materials listed below to the “My Projects” section. (NOTE: Go to https://filmfreeway.com/projects and click “View” on your project to upload your video files and written materials. Use the upload tool to add your online screener.) ● A video pitch about your script project, no more than two minutes in duration. The video should tell us: i. a bit about your project; ii. your writing approach and voice; and iii. why you’d like to participate in TIFF Writers' Studio. ○ Upload this file in the “Add an Online Screener” section of your project. Use the upload tool to add your online screener. ○ NOTE: The jury will not be evaluating the quality of the video but the statements made by the applicant. This can be recorded on a cell phone. ● A one-minute clip from a previous project on which you are credited as writer or co-writer, uploaded in the “Add a trailer” section of your project. Use the upload tool to add your trailer. Please follow these guidelines for your clip submission: ○ The clip must be no longer than one minute. ○ Ensure that the clip is in high resolution. ○ After the project title on the video file, include in parentheses where the clip is from: a short, feature, or episode. ○ Ensure that the clip includes English subtitles if the language spoken is not English. ○ Demo reels, trailers, and music videos will not be accepted. ○ Submissions of full films or episodes with time codes will not be considered by the jury. ● The following supporting documents: - A copy of your resume in PDF format (maximum one page) - Your filmography (project title, year, role(s), festivals played, and a maximum of five awards or nominations received per project) in one PDF document - The following written materials from the submitted project: logline (50 words), synopsis (250 words), one-page outline, a writing sample (five pages).




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