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CHECK BACK FOR THE 2022 TIMELAPSE FILM FESTIVAL DATES! 2021 WINNERS ARE LISTED ON http://www.timelapsefilmfestival.com ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome to the 2020/21 Timelapse Film Festival!™ WE HAVE EXTENDED 2020/21 SUBMISSION PERIOD TO MAY 23, 2021! THE 2020/21 TIMELAPSE FILM FESTIVAL WILL BE HELD JULY 24, 2021 at the Harrison House - IN JOSHUA TREE, CALIFORNIA. The Premiere Event for the Timelapse Community - Worldwide. "Timelapse" has emerged as a significant form of creative expression which is instantly recognizable worldwide. With the broad availability of timelapse-capable cameras and equipment, many 'first-time' filmmakers are creating amazing results. The audience for Timelapse films has grown worldwide as well. Timelapse is a rare form of creative expression which crosses all language barriers - and brings inspiring beauty to viewers around the world. By "TImelapse" - we are referring to "Time-Altered" footage - regardless of the technique or mechanism. This includes Timelapse, Hyperlapse, Stop-Motion and any other filming effect (achieved in-camera or during post-processing) that alters the "Time" signature of the footage. The theme is "Tell me a Story". We want the Timelapse entries to craft a story with the sequences and frames of their timelapse films. While you have the attention of the viewer, leave them with an lasting impression or feeling at the end - similar to how a movie tells a story with words - Tell your story with images. The Timelapse Film Festival Judges are renowned for their passion, creativity and leadership in the Timelapse art form. • Tom Lowe - Award-Winning Cinematographer and Director of "Timescapes" • Gunther Wegner - Inventor of LRTimelapse, the software which created a revolution in Timelapse Filmmaking, making it possible for photographers to produce production-quality Timelapse footage with existing DSLR equipment. • Josh Dunlop - Owner of ExpertPhotography.com • Bobby Furst - Nationally known Assemblage artist and photographer/videographer. Bobby is a driving force in the hi-desert art scene with his multi-media performance space "Furst Wurld". • Eva Soltes – Filmmaker/Performing Arts Producer has, over the course of her decades-long career, produced, directed and/or written nearly one thousand music, dance, theater and media works for national and international audiences. As a filmmaker her projects include: Producer/Director of LOU HARRISON: A World of Music a biography of the acclaimed American composer Lou Harrison (1917 –2003); American Producer of WEST COAST STORY: Frontiers of New Music a three-part BBC TV production featuring the history of California composers, among others. • Peter Bill - Photography instructor at Olympic College, Timelapse Experimenter, and mentor to many emerging filmmakers. Founded the first timelapse only film festival in North America. The Timelapse Film Festival (TLFF) is focused on bringing together the worldwide community of Timelapse Filmmakers and the worldwide Audience of people who love viewing Timelapse films. We are located in California, but we accept Timelapse films from around the world - anyone can submit their creations. In order the highlight the amazing quality and volume of Timelapse films, we have defined a broad range of categories. The categories are: • The Beauty of Nature • Humans and Nature • Living in the City • Documentary / Social Commentary • Experimental • iPhone/GoPro/"Mobile Device" TImelapse! Juried awards will be given in each category, as well as the Grand Prize - Best in Show Award. In addition to the Juried awards, Timelapse lovers from around the world can also Vote and comment on submissions. The films receiving the most votes on-line will also be awarded, The Timelapse Film Festival and Awards Ceremony will be held in April 24, 2021 - in Joshua Tree, California. We will be showing the top films in each categories. The Awards will be presented on Saturday Night. The public is welcome to attend. Now it's time for you to share your Timelapse films with the world! Casey Kiernan Festival Creator/Director Timelapse Film Festival Timelapse Film Festival is Sponsored by • Kessler Crane - www.kesslercrane.com • LRTimelapse - lrtimelapse.com • Joshua Tree Workshops - www.joshuatreeworkshops.com • Joshua Tree Visitors Guide - www.joshuatree.guide • Joshua Tree on Film - www.joshuatreeonfilm.com


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