ToAction International Film Festival

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ToAction Film Festival is an annual event focusing on international cinema. Its purpose is to show outstanding films from all over the world, recognize and support new filmmakers and to enhance awareness and understanding of cinematography as art among diverse audiences We know how hard is to get out there and be noticed. That's why we here to help. We are looking for filmmakers and screen writers with their ideas. ToAction Film Festival seeks to encourage community appreciation of and engagement in film as an art-form. The festival will showcase worldwide submissions of student feature films, shorts, documentaries, and video essays. Open to the public. Held in the heart of Turin, the city of Museum of Cinema, ToAction Film Festival welcomes the best filmmakers from around the world! We want to showcase stories of different genres, styles, and from different countries! We are looking for stories that capture the imagination, talent, and diversity of independent filmmakers, which will leave audiences in awe. Many filmmakers, especially the first-timers, want to start with unduly ambitious stories. What makes a short film a great film is not how ambitious the story is, but the way the story is being told. The ingredients to have a great short film are a coherent script, outstanding directing, compelling camerawork, exquisite lighting and tight editing. There are a lot of films that are interesting, but have a careless sound. Every film director must care about the sound before the shooting, it's one of the most important cinematic elements. Catch great actors, not models! Stories on screen must be told in a real way, not in a theatrical way.




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