TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest

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TOHorror Fantastic Film Fest is one of the most long-running Italian festivals focused on fantastic & horror movies. It is based in Turin: the city where Dario Argento shot his renowned "Deep Red", as well as the city where the Italian National Museum of Cinema stands. A main target of the festival is to support and help spreading new talented voices in fantastic genre: beside works by well-known filmmakers, a lot of TOHFFF line-up is composed year after year by first or second time directors' films. In the last few years we had the honour and pleasure to showcase in Italy independent gems such as SAINT MAUD by Rose Glass, KNIVES AND SKIN by Jennifer Reeder, CLIMAX by Gaspar Noé, ONE CUT OF THE DEAD by Shinichiro Ueda, HOUSEWIFE by Can Evrenol, IS THAT YOU? by Rudy Riveron Sanchez, TIGERS ARE NOT AFRAID by Issa Lopez, HAIL SATAN? by Penny Lane, WHY DON'T YOU JUST DIE! by Kirill Sokolov and so many others. Very strong SHORT FILMS and ANIMATION FILMS sections are another of festival cores, since more than 40 terrific short and animated movies from all over the world are scheduled every year, bringing to light some of the best new filmmakers in the scene. Being a "cross" event, TOHFFF starts from cinema and then explores all possible means of communication and modern media, with the purpose of analysing contemporary society through the deforming lenses provided by the fantastic & horror culture. Thus, through movies, meetings with authors and guests (such as, over the past years, RICHARD STANLEY, JEAN ROLLIN, DARIO ARGENTO, RUGGERO DEODATO, HELENE CATTET & BRUNO FORZANI, MIGUEL ANGEL MARTIN, ANDREAS MARSCHALL...), stage performances, live concerts, art and comics exhibitions, and (why not) savage parties, we are enabled to live and interpret reality, filtering it through a most wild imagination.




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