Trailer Park Film Festival

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**** Congrats to all the films selected for the festival, you'll receive your notices via email shortly***** Stand by for details on time & location of screenings and awards announcements. The Trailer Park Film Festival seeks to test the storytelling prowess of filmmakers in a grand competition of... “Who can make the best movie trailer?”. Totally fake & built from scratch or compiled from a project you’re currently working on, we want to see who can get people gasping out-loud, “I must see that movie!”. Festival Format This is not an online film festival, our festival selections will be projected onto the silver screen. (Or whatever it is they make screens out of these days) What we have planned for you thus far is as follows: 24 Trailers will be selected for the festival. Selections will screen over the course of a month around August, 2017 at various locations in the United States. (See Website for LOCATIONS) Fall 2017: Awards and a finale screening will occur at the 3rd Annual Kevin SmithFest in Leighton, PA. All genres and themes accepted. Movie teaser / trailers, TV Show trailers, Video Game, Web Series, ect...Action, Comedy, Drama, Documentary, Musical, you name it. SUBMISSION FORMATTING: A high quality .mov or .mp4 file with a bitrate of at least 20mbps. Video codecs and file formats used must be playable through the latest version of Quicktime Player or VLC. Preferred dimensions ABOVE or at 1280 x 720


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