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It was challenging to say the least for all of us to not only put on a live film festival over a couple of nights, in New York City... But to do two film festivals in one? That's how committed we are to True Independent Film. Our Cable Show is on every Friday night at Midnight in Manhattan. We watch every film as you can see here and we're building a streaming network which you can see here Our commitment to watching every film and providing our review notes on Facebook is something frankly EVERY FESTIVAL should do if they're accepting a submission fee. First, we were amazed by our filmmakers' individual and collective determination to make movies during a global pandemic. And with your support, our reach and engagements have exploded on Facebook. Our viewership is up for our Friday night TV show in NYC, and we streamed the entire event live on our new YouTube channel with 80 unique attendees (which isn't bad for a channel that was set up one week prior to the festival). You see we're all about the data, and we notice everything. Which is why Transparent 4 will be even bigger and better. Perhaps most importantly, we were able to honor our commitment to the best of the 2020 filmmakers who were shut out of screening live. This was very important to us because we don't just "phone it in". And we don't just select films from NYC to sell tickets. Our future and our brand are everything to us, as are you. We're not only grateful that you choose to submit your films to Transparent Film Festival, but we sincerely value your hard work and commitment, and feel you are owed at least the same from ALL FILM FESTIVALS. The 4th Transparent Film Festival will take place live Friday and Saturday May 27 & 28. If a filmmaker requests to know why they were accepted or rejected, it shouldn't be too hard to provide a reason. That is what makes us different than most festivals, and why our first year was a HUGE success. The past two seasons, we screened every frame of every film and returned our detailed notes. Please see our screening receipts at We're not a money making outfit with 38 categories, with ridiculous fees and monthly "film awards" that no one attends. We do this once a year and have a weekly cable show in Manhattan New York City every Friday night (see, where we show clips from some of the best submissions. Our activity on Facebook speaks for itself. Some important things you should know. 1. Due to the Coronavirus and ensuing shut down of NYC, we weren't allowed to hold a live event and held the festival online. It was a huge success. We hope to screen some of the winning selections from Transparent 2 at Transparent 3. 2. No one can "walk a friend's project in". Preference is not given to local filmmakers. 3. Your film will be watched, and the time your film was screened posted on Facebook at NO FORM LETTERS. Our ratings will be sent to every filmmaker. While we screened every frame of every film last season, we cannot guarantee to do so this year as we expect many times the amount of submissions. If your film holds our interest we will watch it until the end. 4. Films submitted by any friends, family members or acquaintances related to festival staff, and or judges will be referred to qualified judges without a conflict of interest. Our goal is simply to find unknown filmmakers and help them get exposure. If we send a request for download it means we would like to spotlight a clip from your film on our cable show and possibly on our streaming channel. Some of our celebrity judges have either an Emmy and/or a Grammy award or nomination. They will be given a small amount of films that make it through the initial screening process. If you are tired of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on submission fees, and never hearing why you’ve been rejected, please consider submitting to the first-ever Transparent Film Festival.


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