Trasharama short Film Program

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Trasharama only screens B grade schlock, horror, video nasties, sick and twisted animations, faux trailers and adverts, demented music clips, science Fiction, bad taste disasterpieces and other low brow cinematic GOLD! Don’t let the name fool you. Trasharama will screen (and does) anything from slick and twisted HD and 16mm film to VHS and smart phonetrosies! ANY FORMAT and we don’t care whether you finished it 15 minutes ago or 15 years ago. We want Sinematic disasterpieces of all kinds, B grade horror, Creature Features, Grindhouse, faux trailers, science Fiction, slasher, sick n' twisted animations, Bad taste comedies, blood bath orgies, SURPRISE US! JUST SO YOU KNOW: The touring Trasharama program has its premiere each year at Monster Fest in Melbourne (TBA Oct/Nov, 2020). Not all films will be screened. But the ones that do will be included on the Trasharama 'Roadkill roadtrip' around Oz. THOUGH, if we get enough entries we will have a separate Trasharama TIGHTARSE program sometime in the future. You gotta be innit to win it. Stay tuned! ALL films submitted and screened at Monster Fest are up for Monster Fests short film awards. WHAT WE WANT: #Something short, entertaining with a bit of effort put into it. #There are lots of bodily fluids to pick from. Blood, piss, shit, vomit... Include something. It's blood sweat and tears watching the atrocities that get send in. #Try and make include some SPFX or at least have pride in what you make. #If you can, make something original, a new creature, something we haven't seen. RUN FORREST RUN! OK, that's been done, but you get the idea. #A beginning, middle and end with a PUNCH has worked for years!




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