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WIPE unselected

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The festival of amateur films WIPE was created in 2016 in Berlin in order to enable viewers to watch films of different genres created by non-professionals who, in turn, could get to know their audience. The word "amateur", "amateur" comes from the Latin word "amo", "love", and it is love for cinema that underlies all the works that we show at our film festival. This love not only replaces their authors with film education, but also frees you from all sorts of boundaries that the latter creates. So, amateur cinema for us is not just a conceptual format for a film festival. This is the search for a new cinema language, whose existence, in our opinion, is possible only outside of industrial schemes of production and distribution. WIPE unselected is a new series of screenings of amateur films in the studios of various artists in Berlin. The peculiarity of this series is in the absence of a selection of works - we will show all the films that we will receive as part of special open calls, which you can get to know about from our media channels, such as a Facebook page for example. By showing films in the atelier of artists, we want to show a direct connection between amateur film making and contemporary art, a connection that, like the whole phenomenon of amateur cinema, however, remains hidden for the general public.


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