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Wisconsin Film Festival

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*YOUR FILM MUST HAVE A WISCONSIN CONNECTION TO BE ELIGIBLE* Some festivals rely entirely on submissions for their titles, while others are completely curated and programmed without a request for submissions. The Wisconsin Film Festival works both ways in its efforts to showcase emerging local talent while presenting the best films available from around the globe. The Festival presents quality work from outside the mainstream film industry that otherwise may not reach commercial platforms. We look for films that represent different facets of filmmaking, from polished productions to no-budget gems. Each year’s selections are a blend of films made available to festivals, scouted from around the world combined with smaller, under-the-radar works that illustrate a variety of cinematic styles. Alongside those films from all over the world, we present films with a connection to the state of Wisconsin. That's where you and your film come in. By submitting your film to the Festival, you are agreeing to the final decisions made by the selection committee. The Festival staff is unable to provide comments about work not selected for the Festival. *YOUR FILM MUST HAVE A WISCONSIN CONNECTION TO BE ELIGIBLE* Eligible films are those shot primarily or significantly (at least one-third) on location in Wisconsin and/or one or more of the film’s principal creative personnel – director, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, lead actor, etc. – must be one of the following: born in Wisconsin, a current or former Wisconsin resident for one or more years, or an alumnus or current student at a school located in Wisconsin. Within these guidelines, we accept narrative, documentary, experimental, or animated work of any length. Your film must have been completed -no earlier than- January 1, 2020. *** Please review the above paragraphs carefully. Submission fees will not be refunded simply because your film fails to meet the ‘Wisconsin’s Own’ requirements. *** For additional details, see Rules & Terms below.


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