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Women's International Film Festival

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The Women's International Film Festival encourages and supports the growing number of women in the film world. Created and run by women working in film, this festival aims to encourage and reward the accomplishments of like-minded filmmakers who aim to create interesting and boundary-pushing content. This festival is not only for women who direct, write, produce etc, but also for anyone who involved women in their production through acting, grip and electric work, and anything else. We love seeing the changing world of film and appreciate every job, no matter what it is, going to women in film. All of our Women's International finalists get their place in the official website catalog, where they remain forever. And of course, all of our finalists are automatically in the running for our AWARDS AND PRIZES! Our main goal is to shed light onto creators and projects that deserve it, and to form connections between incredible women in the film world. We want independent female filmmakers to get some of the recognition that they deserve, and become a part of our greater film network. The Women's International Film Festival selections will be judged and decided on by award-winning independent female filmmakers working in the industry. With that, the website will include features chosen from the submissions and inside looks into some of the filmmakers. So whether you're a finalist or not, the festival will be a blast all around!


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