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World Cinema Film Festival

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The World Cinema Film Festival is a celebration of culture and community through a universal love of film - brought to you by London based production company Bluebird Pictures. Over three days we screen short films from around the world that represent some of best in world cinema. This is accompanied by industry talks, an opportunity to feast on local cuisine from our global food stalls and networking - making it a truly inclusive and special festival. The World Cinema Film Festival has a summer festival atmosphere that will allow attendees to pick and choose which talks and screenings they view, with lots of opportunity to network and try out new food and drink. At the end of the festival we have an amazing award ceremony for our winners from the selected films. So much has changed in 2020 - making us rethink how audiences engage with film festivals, and how inclusive one-off events really are when it excludes filmmakers from around the world. That is why in 2021 we aim to host a hybrid event. The World Cinema Film Festival will be both online and in person. We will host the event in East London where Bluebird Pictures is based and home of a brand new film studio in the UK. We will also create a virtual space as well, so that you can attend from anywhere in the world. It will include live broadcasts of the talks - selected and winning films on demand and goodie bags which can be purchased and shipped to you ahead of the event. We will also partner with organisations in LA to host a smaller more intimate WCFF where selected films will also play to an audience.


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