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World Premiere Film Awards

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*** World Premiere is IMDb recognized and a top level California Film Festival that awards in multiple categories for a single entry fee! *** Many festivals charge separately for each Award Category. It takes many talented people to make an excellent film but you can't afford to pay an entry fee for each member of your team. For one entry fee, we will consider all the roles on your project and award as many as are deserving. We also want to level the playing field and provide an equal platform for all entries. Unlike some of the festivals where films without a massive budget or publicist get lost in the shuffle, we guarantee your project will be seen and judged fairly. Our goal is to showcase and provide exposure for the very best in film making at all levels. To do this, we group films based on length and budget. Films with similar length and budget are evaluated together. So we do ask that you provide an approximate budget for your short or feature film. All winners will receive a beautiful WPFA certificate that you can be proud to display. We have found that it costs an arm and a leg to get a review of your work. So we also offer an in depth review of your film for a very reasonable rate. Simply choose the appropriate category 'with Review'. A little bit about us… The World Premiere Film Awards is a quarterly festival that finishes the year with a gala online event where a Grand Champion will be determined and presented with a handsome trophy. The Fifth Annual WPFA Gala will be held in July 2022. Finalists will be notified by email in June 2022. The quarterly selection schedules are: Winter Selection (January – March) Spring Selection (April – June) Summer Selection (July – September) Autumn Selection (October – December) The entry deadline for our next selection is December 31 and the winners will be announced at the end of January 2022.


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