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WSXA Barcelona🎖 International Awards

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WSXA Barcelona 🎖 International Awards is a FilmFreeway Gold festival, and a partner event of ARFF Barcelona, ARFF Paris, ARFF Amsterdam and ARFF Berlin. ✈ https://filmfreeway.com/AroundFilmFestival ✈ https://filmfreeway.com/ARFFAmsterdam ✈ https://filmfreeway.com/ARFFBarcelona ✈ https://filmfreeway.com/ARFFParis As an International & Independent event, We award and showcase Feature & Short Films, Feature & Short Documentary works, Commercials, New Media, Music Video and Animations. It is possible to experience the WScreen archive by the monthly chronology below: Jan.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/153764704 Feb.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/159000737 March 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/163163060 April 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/166560961 May 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/171444256 June 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/175907241 July 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/180882177 Aug. 2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/184984043 Sept.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/189015395 Oct.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/193598396 Nov.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/193472690 Dec.2016 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/201259630 Jan.2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/208091879 Feb.2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/210729743 March 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/213446111 April 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/221482232 May 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/229690811 June 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/229698562 July 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/234138581 Aug. 2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/234151452 Sept.2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/241618935 Oct.2017 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/247460710 // Festival Season // July 2018 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/286511181 Aug. 2018 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/290685792 Sept.2018 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/296319589 Oct.2018 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/302662859 Nov.2018 // WScreen Showcase: https://vimeo.com/305986601 // 2019 Showcase // https://vimeo.com/321462060 https://vimeo.com/338228654 https://vimeo.com/332347659 //2019 Music Video & Animation Cut// https://vimeo.com/326854909 All the Officially Selected filmmakers have a unique chance to be mentioned as ''Filmmaker in the Spotlight'' via Online platforms.




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