Xsection Dance and Science Film Festival

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Xsection: A Dance and Science Film Festival sparking interdisciplinary collaboration between dance - science - film. As physical beings, we naturally engage with laws of motion. Therefore what better way to show this innate intuition but through the art of dance film. The methodologies of scientific research and dance creation are abstract. The film can document visual forms and create a tangible record of these concepts. The vision of XSFF is to archive the expression of current scientific findings and instigate with dancemakers on topical scientific issues - space exploration - medical advancements- fundamental principles. The platform is open to interpretation as long as artists are collaborating across disciplines of science and dance. Boston is a hub for medical advancement and scientific innovation, therefore an ideal location to debut Xsection Film Festival. The current venue, Room 83 Spring, is a gallery space located in Watertown, MA. The space was chosen due to the venue's mission of collaboration and conversation. A site for experimentation and process, Room hosts a mix of creative disciplines, provocative installations, and engaging exchange. Arts without exception, it's all about the conversation.


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