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X World Short Film Festival

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THIS FESTIVAL WILL HAVE A LIVE EVENT, WITH THEATRE SCREENINGS, WORKSHOPS, NETWORKING, AND AWARD SHOWS, that will take place on July 25 -31, 2022, at the Galaxy Theatre in LAS VEGAS. "X World Short Film Festival" is an IMDb-qualifying Festival for Independent Filmmakers and Writers, that dare to eXpress their fantasy, creativity and peculiar ideas through Short Films and Scripts. If your creation produces one or more of the following reactions (in alphabetical order): "Ahahahahah!!" "Awww!!" "Cool!!" "Incredible!!" "This is crazy!!" "Wait! What??!!" “Yes!!” ...and if you think that it will make the audience feel amazed-excited-thrilled-amused-moved, then this Festival is for you! “X World” is about fascinating stories, inspiring messages, fun intrigues, new themes, unusual points of view, mysteries! As long as IN TUNE WITH GOOD VIBES… Our purpose is to find, showcase, promote, honor and recognize such kinds of interesting works, made with Love and passion for the art of eXpression, no matter the budget or technical resources. The Festival has been created by an Independent Filmmaker that knows, understands, Loves the world of Independent Filmmaking and knows how it feels like to have one's own work showcased and appreciated! Every submitted Project is watched or read by the Judges with maximum attention and dedication, more than once, to fully evaluate every aspect of the Film or Script and the Artists involved. You can find more information on the Website: www.welcometoxworld.com PLEASE, BEFORE SUBMITTING, READ CAREFULLY "RULES & TERMS" AND "AWARD & PRIZES" SECTIONS! ALSO, VERY IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE TO BE ABLE TO RECEIVE AND READ E-MAILS, MESSAGES AND NOTES FROM FilmFreeway, THROUGH WHICH YOU’RE RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS, IMPORTANT INFORMATION AND UPDATES FROM THE FESTIVAL.




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