Yala International Independent Film Festival

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Yala International Independent Film Festival (YIIFF) is the initiative of Nepal Independent Films, a nonprofitable organization that represents independent filmmakers in Nepal. This festival is based in the historic and artistically rich city of Lalitpur/Patan (also known by its ancient name, Yala). Lalitpur is an ancient city in the Kathmandu valley that is famous for festivals and feasts. The whole city is an open museum and the history of art, drama, music, poetry, songs, dances and storytelling is a part of the glorious history of “Yala”. Festivals are celebrated throughout the year in Lalitpur but it doesn’t have a local film festival yet. YIIFF is the first local film festival of Lalitpur. The ultimate way to celebrate all forms of arts under a single roof is through the celebration of films and film festival like YIIFF does just that, apart from other multifold objectives. YIIFF aims to give a voice to the unheard independent voices from around the globe. The visionaries of YIIFF strongly believe that screening films in an environment full of ancient temples and culture will be a unique proposition and an inspiration to all the participants. At a time when the local film industry is still recuperating from the effects of the decade-long civil war, this festival seeks to provide independent Nepalese filmmakers with a platform to showcase their films. In addition to giving a voice to under-represented local filmmakers, the festival seeks to provide visual advocacy for the betterment of society by giving priority to films that depict an underlying message of change that targets social issues such as gender-based violence and discrimination, child labour, human trafficking, environmental advocacy, and corruption.YIIFF will showcase the intellectually stimulating and well-researched films grounded in the stories related to the aforementioned topics. In keeping with the credo of “think globally, act locally” and being mindful of the fact that we live in a world where international co-operation and cross-cultural interactions are the need of the hour to combat worldwide issues, YIIFF seeks to showcase independent films from the international arena that offer a unique flavor and an meaningful insight into the native culture. The organizers of YIIFF also hope that an important by-product of this festival will be the creation of fertile ground for the conception of international co-production ventures. On a philosophical level, the goal of YIIFF is to become a venue for filmmakers from around the world to engage in artistic discussions and interactions and become the standard bearer of artistic self-expression and independent cinema.




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