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Your Story Matters Film Festival

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Purpose of "Your Story Matters" Film Festival: The Your Story Matters Film Festival was founded in 2020 to give independent filmmakers a platform to unapologetically tell their stories in a safe environment. Many times films are overlooked in the overhaul of submissions, and filmmakers trying to get into festivals and fit into genre and theme boxes that some films just don't fit into. The Your Story Matters Film Festival will bring independent filmmakers from all over the world together into one space of fair judgment, awards, and opportunity. The bottom line we want all independent filmmakers to know is YOUR STORY MATTERS! As we are filmmakers ourselves, we know the heart and passion that goes into an independent project, and the work it takes for film festival submission and subsequent acceptance leading to awards. With that understood we built a formula that allowed smaller pool selections, and gradual progression leading to the final award determination. Giving more filmmakers a voice, chance, and space to be screened. Our judges have been selected for their work in the industry, arts, and passion for film. Heart and determination is important to us here at the Your Story Matters Film Festival. Modelled after the post-COVID-19 online screening foundation, Your Story Matters Film Festival will hold quarterly online screenings, and a yearly screening and awards ceremony for the best of the festival.


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