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YVE International Youth Film Festival

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YVE Film Exhibition, 【次代影展】 是一个秉持 “每个导演都值得一个更大的舞台” 理念的青年电影展。 电影展由文化传播公司--”悦次代“ 举办,我们是⼀家集快闪展和电影节主办⽅,艺术家经纪,影视作品发⾏,以及⽂化艺术类活动垂直管理与艺术服务和活动票务应⽤开发的⽂化艺术传播公司。 2018年我们举办了 是⼀个年度暑期最⼤规模的留学⽣艺术展览活动,主打 “艺术创作属于每个⼈”,以留学⽣艺术家为主体⾯向⼤众的⽂艺⽣活快闪展。曾⾛遍三个城市,吸引近千⼈次参与。悦次代⽂化于2017年成⽴⼀直致⼒探寻并发掘学⽣艺术家,并且负责艺术家包装,艺术服务供应以及包括在腾讯视频,⽹易云⾳乐,微信公众平台等主流平台进⾏艺术作品发⾏与推⼴。 2019年 我们举办了第一届 【次代影展】 吸引了来自世界22个国家导演数百部投片作品,同时我们也携手王小帅导演的冬春影业举办了《十七岁的单车》线下展映。YVE在创⽴四年之余获得社会各界⼴泛关注与⽀持,获得苏州,杭州,上海等地,⽂化创意企业以及个⼈的⼤⼒⽀持 YVE International Film Festival is an event held by YVE Culture & Art Communication Ltd dedicated to help speak the voice for film makers of a younger generation. The purpose of the event is to provide an opportunity for young film makers to pursue after their dreams. The festival strongly adheres to the idea that ART IS FOR EVERYONE. Thus, everybody can be capable of creating art. YVE Culture & Art Communication Ltd. is a growing company founded by a group of Chinese students studying overseas in 2017. The core businesses of YVE include organizing flash exhibition and film festivals, producing films and televisions, providing perpendicular management for culture & art events and artist agents, developing art ticketing applications. Last summer, YVE held the largest annual art exhibition for international students all over the world. The exhibition again focuses on the concept, “Art Creation belongs to everyone,” along with being a fast-paced exhibition of casual daily artistic life for the public. It has made presence in three cities and attracted nearly a thousand people to participate. Since founded, YVE Culture & Art Communication Ltd. has been committed to exploring and discovering student artists. The company is responsible for artist packaging, art service delivery, and works of art on mainstream platforms including Tencent Video, Netease Cloud Music, WeChat Public Platform, and other mainstream channels for art production and promotion. YVE has received extensive attention and support from all walks of life since its establishment three years ago, and has received strong support from cultural and creative enterprises and individuals in Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places.




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