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ZEBRA animation friendly festival

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ZEBRA - or as we like to call it - ZEBRA, the animation friendly festival created and hosted by SHOTS (www.shots.si) is based in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia. We will be holding our fifth edition in the begining of August 2022. As we felt the need to create a place and therefor film festival that would cherish beautiful animations that are suited for children, kids, teen and adults (and their inner child!). We ourselves are lovers of animations and we think it's time for all the beautiful authors to show their work to the world. Your work will be carefully viewed and handled with all respect that it deserves, we guarantee you that. Our main goal is to show your films to our young audience and therefore show them what is possible - we find it very important to encourage them through your work and hopefully give them a new chance to view the world through your stories. Let's do this together. If you think you are up to our little party - Join ZEBRA today! ;) In the need of answers please do not hesitate to contact us via email - we will answer as fast as the internet can handle it!




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