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ZERO Film Festival- New York

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12th Annual Zero Film Festival - New York November 08, 2020 to November 10, 2020 MISSION & OBJECTIVE Zero Film Festival is the first and only festival EXCLUSIVE to self financed filmmakers and the authentically independent films they create. ZFF is an independent not-for-profit organization firmly committed to supporting under-represented filmmakers and screening the world's best self-financed films for cinema lovers everywhere. ZFF focuses on community, inclusivity, innovation and good times on planet Earth. ABOUT THE FESTIVAL Zero Film Festival - Focusing on a niche in the independent film community which has been under appreciated and ignored, Zero Film Festival is the first and only festival exclusively screening self financed films from filmmakers all over the world. In the age where the majority of festivals are Hollywood marketing campaigns, and even "indie" and "underground" festivals screen financed films, we are here to offer a unique opportunity. We recognize authentically independent films and filmmakers who take risks and fight odds to see their cinematic visions through. Based in New York, this festival utilizes hometown connections and partnerships to create Zero's most innovative and largest festival. --- Zero Film Festival has established itself as a festival representing authenticity, integrity and innovation. Since 2007, ZFF has screened over 500 films from filmmakers in five continents. Zero Film Festival alumni have gone on to receive distribution and financing for their next film projects. Join the filmmaker community of one of the fastest growing film festivals!


United States (USA)


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