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7 Colors Lagoon, Bacalar International Film Festival

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7 Colors Lagoon Bacalar International Film Festival July 18 - 22, 2022 The 7 Colors Lagoon Bacalar International Film Festival was born thanks to the Social Need of Promoting the creation and Publication of conscious Films that promote and represent Humans at best. Humans Artistic Expressions in Film, Art, Music, Movement, Nature, Drama, Comedy, Noir, Environmental etc. Festival Screenings In the Beautiful Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Balar International Film Festival encourage Artist, Musicians, Avant Garde, Folk, Ambientalist, Climate Change , Green Social Awareness, Human Rights, Nature Exploration and Research, Nature and Wildlife Conservation works of Cinema. All Genres are Welcome and encourage to submit. Please Directors and Producers as a Standard, We DO NOT engage in conversations with Directors, Producers before the Film Selections. Your Film speak for yourself, and we select in base of it, Dear Official Selections and Winners 2021 * Due To Covid19 Restrictions BIIF did not and does not provide Hospitality this 2021 until further Notice. Our Parterns and Venue in Bacalar have closed Temporarily to Indoor Activities or Gatherings in the Institutions in Mexico due Covid19 ,and Goverment elections during summer 2021 does not allow any interaction with our venue by law after Goverment Selections are made , and festival administration decided could not longer postpone the Festival Selections and Results due the earlier Covid Situation, so only Online Festival could be performed this year 2021 * * Depending on the rest of 2021 year with Covid Restictions and General Goverment Permissions in Bacalar and our Venue Indoor Activities or Streaming online with them, we will see as it fits to organize Post live screenings or Online Venue Streaming for our Winners 2021 in our Bacalar Venue * If you have any Questions please feel free and welcome to write us to our email. Please be kind to us as we do really Sincerely want to bring the best promotion of your films that is in our hands. Bacalar.biff.contact@gmail.com Thank you 7 Colors Lagoon Bacalar International Film Film Festival aka 7CL BIFF. (C) Copyright 2019




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