Bioscope Int'l Film Festival

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Myanmar’s very first film was premiered on 13th October 1920 under British Colonial rules and it has reached 100th year now. From that time onwards, we, Myanmar people, always loving traditions of other people and their films. The Bioscope International Film Festival (BIFF) creates a bridge between Myanmar film audience and filmmakers around the world. Our Bioscope International Film Festival will be conducted every year starting this 2020. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is one of the South-East Asian countries. It is known for its glamorous Golden Stupas (Pagoda), Ancient Temples and Monastic Monks. Total of 135 ethnic tribes is living peacefully in fortresses and dramatic landscapes that range from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys. The prevalent thing among diversities is loving “Bioscope”, what Myanmar people used to call “film” in former days. So to get the memories of the movies’ treasures as in their beginning lives, we are going to organize the golden cinema days, our film festival in the golden land of Myanmar, regardless of digitalized technical changes but the Art is the main core all the time. Bioscope International Film Festival (BIFF) is a quarterly live screening film festival and screenwriting competition with a live Annual Screening & Awards Show Event in the glittering golden land, Myanmar. The Annual Live Screenings and Events like Awards giving, Panel discussion and Q&A section with the audience will take place in every February starting its first from 18th to 20th Feb 2022 at the venue of Myanmar Motion Picture Organization 16, Wingabar Street, Bahan, Yangon 11201, Myanmar. Phone : +95 943088034 The sole purpose of BIFF is to celebrate the joy of artistic creation regardless of technical development. BIFF showcases an outstanding presentation of independent filmmaking with a strong sense of community around the art of visual storytelling. BIFF honours films from around the world with a vast array of awards in different categories and genres. Our mission is to discover diverse new voices and to promote real artworks through numerous platforms in Myanmar. In each edition, Filmmakers can submit their projects to have them judged by award-winning industry professionals against a high standard of merit and compete with other filmmakers across the globe. Every submission can add numerous additional judging categories but MUST submit to the MAIN CATEGORY to be considered for additional consideration. Please include the names being credited in your cover letter. There is also a special category for short films which feature subjects and stories about Myanmar culture, society and diaspora. This category is a one-time submission with a deadline on 2nd December 2021. All quarterly winners of the period from January 2021 December 2021 will be automatically nominated for the prestigious Golden Film Awards, the best of the best of the year. On 20th January 2022, we will announce the official selection lists for the prestigious Golden Film Awards competition. The two grand winners will be announced on the last date of the event and will receive the prestigious Statuettes, the official customized design for the grand award winners only.




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