BlackCat Film Festival

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BCFF is a filmmaker-to-filmmaker-award-giving film festival. How it works? All officially selected filmmakers will have the opportunity to nominate their peers films for an award in every category. Jury only selects the Kivi Grand Prix Award and is a final decision maker if there is a tie in other categories. This way we bring the awards closer to the industries real celebration of the greatness that is in other ways pushed away on path of already established cinema machine that rarely lets any new, fresh and talented works in. *We are now accepting submissions for our 2021 edition* In light of Corona-virus, we want to assure our filmmakers that we are fully committed to run our events and honour all filmmakers who have submitted to us from around the world. Welcome to BlackCat Film Festival, an event dedicated to celebrating new-found, edgy, pushing the borders, independent filmmaking. BCFF was dedicated to private storytelling within the local cinematic universe of Slovenia. These films were generally harder to access, and had difficulties reaching larger audiences, but their position outside of mainstream cinema and their abbreviated length allow the filmmakers more experimentation and artistic freedom. Now we take it public and wider. We are looking for inspiring filmmaking from around the globe. We want to see storytelling that explores all limits of its industry. Do not be afraid to show your specific way of making motion pictures and how you dream, think and create. And let your collages be the judge and jury. In addition to the live screenings on November 11th 2021, we also organise in days prior: - Networking events - Q&As with filmmakers - A worldwide network of filmmakers and collaborators We believe there is disenchantment with the anonymity and exclusivity of the festival circuit. We aim to provide a support system for emerging talents and independent filmmakers, based entirely on their skill set and passion.




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