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IMPORTANT ENG subtitles are required even if the movie is english spoken. (More information below.) ABOUT BLACKSPHERE is an international film festival which offers both an online platform for film viewing and a live screening as part of the festival’s finale. It consists of two parts. The first part – the BLACKSPHERE ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL – takes place online during spring 2022. The second part – the BLACKSPHERE LIVE FILM FESTIVAL – will take place in June 2022 in the Czech Republic and where selected finalist films will be screened. The selection process of the audiovisual works is as follows: A jury of European experts selects maximum of 100 works from all the received films, each of which are made available for viewing for a period of seven days during spring 2022 as part of the BLACKSPHERE online platform at One film is added every day and is made available for free online viewing for a period of seven days. Then, based on the number of viewings and European jury decisions, 50 finalists are selected. 50 films are screened in June 2022 as part of the BLACKSPHERE LIVE FILM FESTIVAL in the Czech Republic. The festival’s finale will consist of a 3 days film marathon which will take place in the Czech Republic during June 2022, at Račí údolí 118, 790 70 Javorník. During these 3 days, the works of all 50 finalists of the previous BLACKSPHERE ONLINE FILM FESTIVAL will be screened. The festival’s winners will be announced, and the trophies and main prizes will be handed out. Furthermore, the event will feature workshops and consultations. The workshops’ focus will be announced on the website before the main event and the selection of topics will be automatically sent to all registered participants, with the offer for accreditation as part of the BLACKSPHERE LIVE FILM FESTIVAL, along with an offer of accommodation and reservation options. Open air Blacksphere. During summer 2022 the most liked movies will be screened in a form of an outdoor cinema in Tančírna v Račím údolí, where the main festival event takes place as well. The Jury Award: The final winner of the BLACKSPHERE LIVE FILM FESTIVAL will be chosen by our jury consisting of selected European experts. The winning movie will be distributed and promoted to the Czech local cinemas and will also receive a BLACKSPHERE trophy, laurels and the 100 EUR main cash prize. The winning movie will be distributed and promoted on and webpages. The Audience Award: The accredited viewers of the BLACKSPHERE LIVE FILM FESTIVAL will evaluate the screened films. The overall winner of the Audience Award will be selected and awarded the BLACKSPHERE trophy, laurels and a 100 EUR cash prize. The audience winner movie will be distributed and promoted on and webpages. Also the winners of each main category will be chosen by our jury and announced. Each winner will receive an official trophy, laurels, diploma and a gift bag. SUBTITLES Each film submitted to Blacksphere film festival must contain English subtitles (even if the movie is English spoken), as we are an international festival and we will target the online part of the festival also outside of English-speaking countries, where not everyone understands the English language perfectly. It would also be nicer for handicapped people to see visible text. Therefore, English subtitles are required even if the movie is English spoken. (Preferably embedded subtitles in the movie. Or less preferably .srt file or .vtt but we are able to handle .txt as well.) Delivery of English subtitles is part of the rules of our festival. Since providing ENG subtitles is strictly in Blacksphere rules, submitted movies will not be included in Blacksphere main competition for prizes if submitters fails to deliver us English subtitles. But the movie is not going to be disqualified, the movie is still going to be streamed for Blacksphere online part for 7 days (if chosen) and according to the number of views and quality it still can make it to the final live event. Only exceptions are movies without dialogues. Main category: Live action feature film (45min+) Documentary feature film (45min+) Animation feature film (45min+) Experimental feature film (45min+) Music feature film (45min+) First time feature film (45min+) Student feature film (45min+) Live action short film (5-45min) Documentary short film (5-45min) Animation short film (5-45min) Experimental short film (5-45min) Music short film (5-45min) First time short film (5-45min) Student short film (5-45min) Super short film (0-5min)


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