Black Truth Film Festival

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The Black Truth Film Festival seeks to encourage educated discussion of black history & culture. This is not your typical film festival! We provide the platform for the black narrative to be told & heard through film. ***UNLESS OTHERWISE ADVERTISED THIS WILL BE A VIRTUAL FILM FESTIVAL*** We live in a world where the population and even black people are not fully educated on the significance of black history or true nature of black culture. Black generations have been silenced, failing to past down historic accounts out of fear or apathy, believing their stories would never truly matter. Minorities are also underrepresented in film & media. Today, there are still too many untold stories, too many unanswered injustices, too many questions and prejudices. Why do black males suffer such high incarceration rates? Why are black women three to four times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications than any other race in America? Is there more behind the stigma of blacks being associated with crime, drugs, violence, & poverty? Why are black women so often sexually objectified and seen as angry? Why aren't more black people shown in positive roles in media? Why must a black man live in constant fear for his life from a system that's supposed to provide justice and equality for all? Why do black people constantly feel unsafe? Is there any good reason to explain any of this? Does anything good ever come out of such a culture? These are only some of the questions we hope to address and share, not just within the black community but with all. There is no denying just by being black anywhere you are subject to a host of invalid assumptions. There's no denying not enough of the world, even within our own culture has a complete picture of the black narrative. But we must start somewhere. So we invite you to share your story or that of another. Especially during such a critical time in history where it is evident, we must no longer be silent and speak our truth now. Be heard. If you have ever wondered about some of the questions listed above this is an opportunity to gain insight and hear the perspectives of black people on black culture for yourself. Here at The Great Black Narrative, we invite you, challenge you even to first learn, then help change the black narrative simply by sharing the truth. One story at a time. The future depends on it. The time is now.


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