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The essential competitive characteristic of the festival that distinguishes it from the many other fine film festivals the world over, is that all of its activities are aimed at answering one of the world's most important developmental questions: how should we adjust the global socio-economic order in a way that does not over-exploit the physical capabilities of planet Earth? With this in mind, the festival selected water and its use as its core issue-oriented theme. The questions connected to the exploitation and preservation of this developmental source will be key questions that the entire world must address in the years to come. Due to climatic changes, water will become the primary global developmental-political issue: How climate change will be reflected in global agricultural production; what will happen to glaciers and, consequently, to the rivers in the Alps, the Himalayas, and elsewhere; how the melting ice will affect the transportation routes in the north and south poles; how the rearrangement of the amount of rainfall will affect political conflicts around the world; and how the individual countries will know how to protect and exploit this precious gift of nature. To avoid "empty" speeches, during the festival a water-themed documentary program will be organized. Last year, we also began cooperating with GUWAA – the Global Under Water Awareness Association, which partners with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. A day prior to the festival’s opening, we will conduct “Slovenia Aqua Day 2014,” under the patronage GUWAA. On 28 September 2013, together with GUWAA, we cleaned 60 countries around the world and lifted 150 tons of garbage from the water in a 24 hour period. The country of Slovenia participated in this action, under the direction of the Slovenian Diving Association. For more information, please visit:




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