Bleedingham Horror Film Festival

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Bleedingham Horror Film Festival is an indie film festival that showcases two nights of terror in the heart of the scenic city of Bellingham, WA. Bleedingham was created by a few passionate independent filmmakers and horror fans and began as a festival that solely showcased WA state indie filmmakers, but now includes selected horror films and features from all over the world. The festival is held the weekend before Halloween and is a popular horror filmmaking competition and destination for indie horror loving fans and filmmakers. Now in it's tenth year, Bleedingham supports filmmakers of all levels by providing a fun, competitive venue where filmmakers can receive accolades from their peers, as well as critical feedback from our panel of judges. Bleedingham carefully selects a panel of non-participating judges who are professionals in the film, writing and horror industries to judge, score and give filmmakers feedback on the films. Bleedingham "Bloodies" are our coveted signature handmade trophies, designed by one of Bleedingham's founders and special effects artist Langley West. The Bloodies are awarded to first place winners in each of our categories. Bleedingham Official Award Certificates are sent to International Winners who cannot attend the festival. *Selected films are screened at downtown Bellingham's popular art house theater, the Pickford Film Center over a two day weekend. Opening night hosts a meet and greet reception for filmmakers to mingle with each other, as well as the judges and curators of Bleedingham. This event is a great way to get know other filmmakers and make new connections! Following the reception, Saturday night plays the official selection of WA state films and concludes with the awards ceremony. Sunday closes the festival with the official selection of Best Film and International/Out of state films. The Friday night before the Film Festival, Bleedingham kicks off the weekend by hosting The Night Gallery, a Halloween and horror celebration with vendors, filmmaking panels and entertainment. For visitors of the festival, downtown Bellingham is a fantastic city to stay for a weekend. There's always stuff to do, amazing food everywhere and more breweries than you can try in a weekend! The local businesses support Bleedingham by gifting donations to the festival, and gift cards and products as prizes for attendees, so be sure to thank them when you check them out. The city is nestled between Bellingham Bay and surrounded by mountains and forests, which creates a superbly eerie setting in the Autumn evenings, a perfect backdrop for a night of horror stories. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay up to date with Bleedingham news and events, plus check out Bleedingham TV on our YouTube channel! *For updated information regarding festival changes due to Covid-19, please visit


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