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The Black Muslim Girl Fly Film Festival (BMFF) is an annual one-day event of film showcases that profile stories by Black Muslim Girl filmmakers and creative talent in the film, television and digital space. Originally founded in February 2018 with the purpose of creating a platform to showcase film content by Black Muslim women filmmakers, BMFF is also designed to create opportunities to network with industry professionals and cultivate community among Black Muslim Girls in film around the world. On a mission to expand cinematic narratives to be more inclusive of Black women and shine a light on untold stories, the annual festival showcases dramas, documentaries, short films, and episodic projects that tell the stories of Black Muslim women across the globe. Program highlights also include a diverse panel of film industry professionals and consultants, and a musical performance. Past speakers have included the CEO of GameChanger, Effie T. Brown, Pearl Street Films' Development Executive, Fanshen Cox, in addition to guest judges like Blacklist actor, Hisham Tawfiq, Director and Producer, Oz Scott. Performers including Alia Sharrief and Sa-Roc have been a part of the Festival's music lineup. In creating a platform to spotlight original work and open up access into the film industry, the BMFF's goal is to support the establishment of a lane in the mainstream film industry that embraces stories and film content by and about Black Muslim women for wider audience exposure and connection. As El-Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) once profoundly stated, “The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman. The most neglected person in America is the Black woman.” We seek to disrupt this narrative by amplifying those voices and stories that have been silenced, erased, or overlooked. We share fresh stories told from an authentic point of view and celebrate those who are bold enough to tell them. *To support the festival, visit https://gofundme.com/international-film-fest-bmgfly. Stay in the mix! Connect with us on social media at @BMGFlyFest | #BMFF2021 -- About the 2020 Festival Theme: Freedom. "Storytelling is freedom. When you tell your story, you set the truth free. When you experience someone else’s story or share your story, freedom is found -- from personal bias, from ignorance, from a rough world, from a limiting society, etc. When we see ourselves reflected in the experiences of others, we can see the importance of sharing the stories from more diverse points of view." ~Nia Malika Dixon This year’s Q&A tackles the issue of the independent filmmaker and distribution. Opportunities for Black women writers and directors, specifically Black Muslims in America, need to be opened. “Hollywood” has a model that is NOT designed for our success. For Black women, and people of all communities that are marginalized, our filmmaker conversations and panel discussions are held to answer and address HOW to create true equitability and access in the entertainment industry.


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