Bowen Film Fest (BFF)

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The 2016 BFF: We will be screening selected films all year long. Audience members will be voting after seeing each film using the following criteria, awarding points for each, with maximum number of points awarded thusly: max = x/maximum number of points per category Is it relevant ? max: 1/1 Is it entertaining? max:1/1 Is it interesting? max: 1/1 Does it have high production values? max: 5/5 ( i.e.: Cinematography (1/5), Sound/Music (1/5), Acting/Interviewing (1/5), Production Design (Script/Writing/Narration/Choreography/Costumes/ etc.) (1/5), Editing (1/5)) max: 1/5 Would you recommend it to others? max:1/1




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