Baghdad University International Film & TV Festival

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Since the inception of the Department of Film and Television Arts in College of fine arts - Baghdad University , has emerged the need for something larger than a seminar in which the films of students graduating at a time when Iraq was devoid of any festival of cinema and television in the early eighties of the twentieth century began the first session of this festival to form a major shift towards The presence of a larger student experimental cinema in Iraq and was the pioneer in that the godfather of the late Iraqi cinema Jafar Ali, who was keen to complete all the work and preparations in time for the establishment of the festival to become an annual tradition of the Department and College and University of Baghdad as a branch of this festival in It is a festival of radio only and is a pioneering experience in the Arab world where there is no final radio festivals at all and as a scientific secretariat and the banner of creativity and excellence was busy sponsoring the establishment of the festival from generation to generation of professors and creative students to be this festival in its second millennium This festival and its establishment has launched all film festivals in Iraq from north to south and under various names because the graduates are graduates of this section and this college so deserved the festival to be the womb of the mother of the experimental Iraqi cinema and it shakes the dust of neglect and launches from the local to All display screens In the world




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