Canadian Labour International Film Festival

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The Canadian Labour International Film Festival (CLiFF) features films made by, for, and about the world of work and those who do it, in Canada and internationally. The films we showcase are about unionized workers, as well as those not represented by unions. We encourage projects regarding any and every aspect of work, as well as issues affecting work or workers. The festival draws trade unionists, community members, youth, activists, students, educators, artists, and allies from across North America and elsewhere around the world. CLiFF is a free national film festival which first started in 2009. The founding committee, composed of social justice, community and trade union activists, took two years to plan the festival before it made its debut across Canada. In its inaugural year, more than 40 locations across the country participated in CLiFF. CLiFF is held across Canada every year in November - Labour Film Month Artist Fees and Screening Fees CLiFF pays artist fees for the right to screen films according to the 2021 CARFAC Minimum Copyright and Professional Fees schedule: Films up to 15 minutes: Single Presentation: $112 CAD Multiple Presentations: $510 CAD Films Up to 30 minutes: Single Presentation: $148 CAD Multiple Presentations: $663 CAD Films Up to 60 minutes: Single Presentation: $184CAD Multiple Presentations: $714 CAD Festival-in-a-Box (FIAB) CLiFF has developed the innovative Festival-in-a-Box (FIAB) program, designed to make it more accessible for any groups or individuals to organize a CLiFF screening in their communities. FIAB programs a complete film festival in a ready-to-use format which means that community film gatherings can be made possible without requiring too many additional or unaffordable resources. The CLiFF Board selects programs of 60 to 120 minute comprising of films accepted into the festival to host screenings in diverse communities around Canada. VISION CLiFF tells the stories of workers (both paid and unpaid) and is the stage and the voice of those who seek justice on the job and dignity in the workplace. Our festival provides a national platform to showcase those stories which have been made into films, but cannot find an audience beyond the film makers’ own circle of influence. We give filmmakers exposure across Canada and also help to direct community attention towards labour films made in the past that represent stories that deserve a wider and current audience. History and Young Workers CLiFF also provides workers with examples of what other workers have done or are doing, whether in Canada or around the world, to deal with challenges they have had in their workplaces, and more broadly in their lives as a result of being workers. The trade union movement and individual workers have played an important role in shaping the Canada we know today. Many of our films show struggles of the past, as well as details of what is happening today. Furthermore, giving workers, especially young workers, an opportunity to learn some of the history of the trade union movement is crucial in continuing to fight for working class justice.




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