Capturing Freedom Short Film Contest

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CAPTURING FREEDOM: COMMON VALUES We're looking for a FILM BETWEEN 5 AND 10 MINUTES LONG ABOUT FREEDOM. APPLICATIONS ARE ACCEPTED THROUGH THE PLATFORM This year’s Capturing Freedom short film contest revolves around the social aspects of cinematography and the influence it has on its viewers. The winners will receive action cameras, and an invitation to the international Transatlantyk festiwal in Łódź, where their films will be screened. The organizers of the contest will cover the attendees’ travel and accommodation expenses. The deadline for submissions of short films of up to 10 minutes is the 5th of May 2019. The entries can be made by film school students and graduates from any country aged up to 35 years old. From its early years, cinematography has been an important means of expression, due to its universal language. The communal nature of film screenings started with the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumiere brothers contributed to the motion pictures evolving into a popular communication tool. In countries with limited civic rights, cinematography has become an important tool for defending some values and undermining others. It has also become one of the loudest critical voices that commented on and described oppressive reality. Despite the political system changes in the late 80s and technological revolution at the start of the 21st century, cinematography has not lost its power of expression. Its social aspect has become more obvious and universal due to the general access to mobile devices recording high definition images, and to the Internet that allows people to have an unlimited audience. This year, we would like young directors to create films about the social and individual nature of freedom. How do you understand freedom in the context of the place you live in? What’s the relationship between your freedom of an individual and the freedom of your community? What are the benefits and restrictions resulting from being a member of a larger group, having its own limitations? Is full freedom at all possible? Was Jean-Paul Sartre right to say that we are condemned to be free? Let your short films be an answer to the question of what to do in order not to lose your freedom as an individual? To what degree one should give up their freedom for the benefit of their community so that they don’t lose it as an individual? The deadline for film submissions is 5 May 2019. To apply you need to accept our rules and regulations available here:


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