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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT (15 SEPTEMBER 2018) Dear all, We would like to inform you that it is not possible for the 1st Creating Commons Cinematography Festival to take place, in the 5th, 6th, and 7th of October, as we have announced. The festival is postponed, so that the organizing team can re-evaluate and overcome certain obstacles that, at this point and time, are not allowing for the realization of the event to go on. Putting forth the importance of securing the best possible conditions for this first event, as we want it to have all the features that will serve the raising of awareness on Creative Commons and their social impact, we ask for your understanding and to bear with us in this continuing voyage. We carry on, for the goal of making this effort an important node in empowering the communities and in sharing the concepts and principles of the Creative Commons. --- CCCF is a festival of audiovisual media, inspired by –and basically actualizing – the Commons and Social, Solidary and Collaborative Ecomony, that will take place in October, 2018 in public spaces and surrounding buildings in Athens, Greece. This year’s theme is the triptych “Soil, Soul, Society”, the one that Peace activist, author and teacher Satish Kumar has chosen as a symbol of the need for comprehending the interdependency of all living beings, and understanding that all living creatures are dependent on one another, so that we can live in harmony with ourselves, other people and nature. For the material that will be presented to come to exist, you will have to step in to the game, letting go of many things that, until today, you took for granted in a festival, taking the pleasure of a wholly different procedure by co-creating. What we want is to: – Bring people of technical knowledge and artistic view close to people with experience and stories to share on issues of the Commons and Social, Solidary and Collaborative Economy, with the purpose of “from below” production of open audiovisual works, collective or individual. – Share the knowledge for the media that can be used for telling our stories, and for the way that our works can be open to be freely used by the Commons. – Learn from you, interact, and share knowledge and experiences. And we want everyone’s message to get across to as many receivers as possible. Specifically, what we want to directly carry out with you is: 1. The collection of audiovisual material in the online platform of This can be original or derivative, raw or edited, documentary or fiction, reportage or performance, video-art or simple recording of a phase from your attempt, one minute or ten hours long, individual or collective, which will be distributed with creative commons licenses. 2. The formation of a group for self-training and seminars about all the stages of an audiovisual production. 3. The networking of people that have technical knowledge and material that can be recorded, so that there will be developed a form of solidarity and mutual assistance in the spirit of spreading the Common stories. CCCF’s objectives are: – The creation of original works, CC licensed – The use of existent CC material for different derivative works (through post production) – The networking of creators and creative attempts in Greece and abroad – The chance to go public (domestically and internationally)with issues concerning the Commons and SSE (Social and Solidarity Economy) – The developing of the sense of Commons and the use of free and open-code tools in Art and informing about the CC licenses – The distribution of technical know-how – The boost of social effect of material already existent or to be created – The expansion of the dialogue for the collective and the “distribution” in Art in the context of the Commons CCCF’s organizational team




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