Conquering Disabilities With Film International Film Festival

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The Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival seeks to recognize, serve, and honor the mentally ill artist who is using art to heal themselves. CDWFIFF is part of the successful AOF Megafest. Now in its 16th year, MegaFest will host the Conquering Disabilities with Film International Film Festival. Vegas, a tourist destination for so many reasons, now has one more event to draw you into its vibrant nightlife. All screenings and events will take place in the heart of Las Vegas, NV at various locations. Your work will screen in state of the art theaters NOT in hotel meeting rooms, bars, halls, libraries, etc. The directors at CDWFIFF along with the AOF MegaFest, have created a positive respectful environment to encourage dialogue and foster growth and understanding in an industry that is known for looking the other way. At CDWIFF you are understood, welcomed, and loved. You are at home. CDWFIFF seeks and accepts all genres of films, shorts, features, narratives, documentaries, written word, photography, art, and music. The stipulation is that the work must deal with mental illness. Either the crew (director, DP, writer, talent) has a person who is struggling with or has overcome mental illness, depression, anxiety etc., or a crew member is a caregiver to a person with mental illness. We will also accept projects that are about mental issues. All submissions must include in their cover letter what requirement (s) the project fulfills. CDWFIFF seeks screenplay submissions of all lengths/all genres that either cover the topic of mental illness or are the works of screenwriters dealing with mental illness themselves. We accept features, shorts, TV and Web Series Pilots, short shorts, and scenes, and poems. All submissions must include in their cover letter what requirement (s) the project fulfills. CDWFIFF also wants musical scores and soundtracks, songs, lyrics, storyboards, and poster art by individuals dealing with mental illness or content covering mental health topics. CDWFIFF recognizes that Art has always been a means of healing and transformation. It is now time to recognize the artist.


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