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Covellite International Film Festival

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************************** Covid 19 Update ************************** Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we will be transitioning the 2020 Covellite International Film Festival, to a virtual setting. We will be launching our new site in September, and rolling out a new CIFF App. Notices for the 2020 film festival will go out in July, and we ask that you please be patient with us, while we orchestrate this change. We're so disappointed that we won't be able to see you this year in person, but we will do our best to bring Butte, Montana to you. ************************** Covid 19 Update ************************** updated 04/30/2020 Year in and year out Covellite International Film Festival is about one thing above all others. STORY. And we want your STORY! Please submit to Covellite today! Thousands of years ago, people told stories by scratching and painting on cave walls. Lit by a flickering torch, the walls faintly projected the myths and understanding of their place in their lives -- graphic representations that left physical form as metaphor of their own world view. Fortuitously, these drawings still remain -- these remarkable stories still cause us to ponder, allowing us pause for contemplation in the complex world we live in today. What is the metaphor? What are Art and Story and Form? A focused expression of metaphor like these cave drawings represent an idea, an idea put into Form. Art is the process of taking the idea and shaping it, refining it, and putting it into Form. Through Form we bring the meaning of the metaphor forth, capture it, create a Story. By allowing the Story to be told, again and again, interpreted uniquely by each individual observer with their own world view as their lens, the Story brought into being. Covellite embraces continuing this tradition of storytelling. As extended family through our shared DNA, we are brought together by the intrinsic need to share our collective on-going story. We embrace the opportunity for conversation created by the metaphor, with open minds and hearts. Conversation creates connection. And by connection, and we wish to build and refine our collective epic story. The 5th annual Covellite International Film Festival will take place June 18th through the 21st, at a number of historic venues located in Uptown Butte, Montana. With workshops, forums, after parties, live music and special events with some of the most exciting independent films from around the world, the Covellite International Film Festival puts the spotlight on indie filmmakers.


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