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Dark Arts Film Festival Amsterdam

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Some filmmakers have dark appetites... We maintain a ruthless ambition to submerge audiences in unyielding suspense and to throw viewers off balance in new and disturbing ways. We strive to master these techniques, because we are drawn to the writhing darkness deep within the subconscious. Some audiences yearn for this maelstrom with a primal hunger, and devour such viewing experiences with shuddering, cathartic enthusiasm. The Amsterdam Dark Arts Film Festival (DAFFA) is a new event that celebrates and enables this masochistic interaction with a carefully curated selection of the most disturbing horror, sci-fi and fantasy short films available to mortals. From the Occult to quick-fix slashers, from dystopian realms to wonderfully-weird and dark fantasy, DAFFA is a new home for genre film in Western Europe. Amsterdam - the Devil's destination. Set deep within the kinky surrounds of one of the world’s most debaucherous cities, DAFFA is a filmmaker oriented festival created to inspire, empower and entertain those with the darkest imaginations. Filmmakers from all over the world are welcomed to our inaugural event during Halloween 2021 at Lab111, where a weekend of terrifying films, masterclasses, development workshops and networking ends off with an awards ritual and afterparty with distinctly dark entertainment. Let's get this bloody thing in the can! As aspirant filmmakers we know the power of the short form as a stepping stone towards more ambitious projects. In our workshops and masterclasses we have a keen focus on empowering filmmakers to develop their creative ideas, but also to take full advantage of strategic opportunities. Old Nick's Pitching Forum has the clear intent to fast-track an idea into production - winners go home with cash- and support prizes that will significantly boost production quality. All pitch-participants will receive thorough feedback from a representative of the jury. We want your work to get produced, so we tailor-make these sessions. Another specific area of focus is networking. In formal and informal sessions, we strive to create meaningful contact with future collaborators, allies and advisors. DAFFA provides continued support to ambitious filmmakers with our online alumni-community where they can continue to share their success, exchange ideas and ask for guidance. Join us in the shadows, showcase your mastery of the Dark Arts and become a DAFFA-initiated acolyte...




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