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Family Film Project

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FAMILY FILM PROJECT is a film festival which takes place every year in Porto, Portugal, with fast growing international visibility since its first edition in 2012. As in previous years, the festival organizes its competitive film sessions according to three strands: Lives and Places (focusing on voyeuristic, biographical or documentary recording of habitats and everyday life), Memory and Archive (dedicated to creative approaches from testimonies and found footage) and Connections (focused on interpersonal and community dynamics). There is also a competitive space dedicated to the genres of fiction and animation. Besides the national films, the festival receives in its competitive program a selection of almost two dozen films of different nationalities, from short to feature film, from documentary to experimental genre, always in a register that extends from the intimate versatility of “home movies” to the ethnographic landscape. The festival program also holds, each year, a prominent space for directors, researchers, and guest artists such as Jonas Mekas (2012), Péter Forgács (2013), Alina Marazzi (2015), João Canijo (2016), Regina Guimarães (2017), Bill Nichols (2018), Paula Rabinowitz (2018), Daniel Blaufuks (2018), Jaimie Baron (2019), Cláudia Varejão (2019), Harun Farocki (2020), among others. In addition to film sessions, Family Film Project organizes several parallel cultural events: exhibitions, concerts, video installations, performances (Private Collection), masterclasses, conferences and book releases focused on ethnographic, anthropological, and aesthetic dimension. With several lines of action, the festival is placed on the conceptual boundaries of cinema and its dialogue with other arts and areas of thought.




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