Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira

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The 12th Festival Internacional de Cinema da Fronteira takes place annually in Bagé, a city located in the border of Brazil with Uruguay. A place of cultural exchange, where there is an authentical identity, which can be noticed through its ritual acts, myths, language, popular festivals, body expression and religiosity. Bagé, despite its recent modernizing politics, still holds its original elements, oneiric values which bring us closer to a former feeling, a vague memory of its ancestors, a mixture of tradition and modernity. There, the travellers meet a resort amid the Pampa and the beauty of the old southern houses. Being in Bagé is like having the feeling of clearly understanding that all the cultural demonstrations are expressions of an intangible heritage which wakes a sleeping imaginary. Bearing this in mind, the several cultural demonstrations need to be taken into account when alternative ways of development are projected. Therefore, cinema turns up not only as an economical, cultural and social development factor for the region, but also and specially as a stimulator of another economy, other ways of narrating a story, or rather, other ways of socialization, which engages in an enlargement of the boundaries and an appreciation of the region’s diversity.




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