FIFES Comedy film festival

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This is international fim festival of LAUGHER Please send only FUNNNNNNYYYY films !!!! :))))) Laughter :) Laughter is the cure and the best means of combating the problems of life, it is also free and does not issue a prescription. One of the greatest remedies that we have invented, and heal the world, entertaining it too. We need to entice and use laughter to achieve happiness and success in life. Laughter is the art and skill of the world's most powerful habit. Laughter is the exhaust valve of our soul, but it's a matter of us shall we use it. It's reflects many virtues such as generosity, selflessness, optimism, altruism, hope, empathy, joy, serenity, happiness ... These are just some of the thousands of words being sung in his honor, and that is why we, as FIFES's organisers, decided to provide the opportunity for all people of good will who want to express their creative soul, a very unique, funny, lighthearted way, through the art of film as a wonderful way of human expression. Send us your work and thus force a smile on our faces. We do not laugh because we're happy, but we are happy because we laugh Who laughs the last, laughs too late ...




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